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Types of LinkedIn ads

Whether you want to target executives, influencers, or job seekers, there’re various ways to advertise on LinkedIn through different ad types, partner programs, including self-serve, and other options. Every type of LinkedIn ad comes with its own benefits & best practices.

LinkedIn Display Ads

Display Ads is LinkedIn’s programmatic advertising solution. This means you could purchase ads through your preferred advertising platform/a private or public auction.

Display ads let for a greater variety of media, including audio, text, video, and images, which makes them more eye-catching & interactive.

This is a great option to help you get your business in front of your desired audience early in the buying cycle & increase awareness on a large scale.

Why use Display Ads?

  • Reach more professionals, decision-makers, thought leaders, and influencers.
  • Create more engaging & eye-catching ads.
  • Get ad placement on high-traffic LinkedIn pages.

View LinkedIn’s advertising specs and guidelines for Display Ads.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are highly customizable personalized ads. They’re dynamically generated according to your audience’s activity. For instance, if LinkedIn knows someone is searching for a job in your industry, you could target them at the right time with the right messages. You can write your own ad copy, select your call to action, and use dynamically generated images from LinkedIn member profiles.

This kind of advertising is useful for building relationships and delivering personalized messages to the most influential members of your audience. It is a great way to really make people sit up & take notice.

Why use Dynamic Ads?

  • Deliver compelling, personalized messages to grow response.
  • Select from a range of targeting criteria.
  • Generate specific actions through customized calls to action.
  • Develop your Company Page’s followers.

View LinkedIn’s advertising specs and guidelines for Dynamic Ads.

LinkedIn Marketing Partner ads

You can work with a LinkedIn partner. Each partner offers different tools, such as ad technology, content creation & media buying, to help you run successful ad campaigns on LinkedIn &reach a greater ROI than you might get through Campaign Manager.

Hootsuite is a LinkedIn marketing partner, helping users bridge the gap between paid and organic campaigns to support end-to-end insights on LinkedIn campaign performance .

Why work with a LinkedIn ad partner?

  • Meet specific marketing aims.
  • Grow engagement and achieve more with LinkedIn ads.
  • Work with experts in LinkedIn advertising.

How to advertise on LinkedIn: a step-by-step guide

Before you could do anything, you need a LinkedIn account. Here’re a few quick tips forsetting up a LinkedIn account. You need a Company Page to run Sponsored Content ads, and it’s a good thing to set up in any case. Here is our guide to creating a LinkedIn Company Page.

How to advertise on LinkedIn with self-serve ads

Follow these 6 steps, which are outlined in more detail here.

Step 1: Set up a Campaign Manager account

This really does just take a couple of minutes. You could create multiple accounts.

Step 2: Choose your ad type

Select the type of ad you want to create. You could create an entire campaign using all three formats for maximum impact & reach.

Each of the three options will require you to create a campaign name & choose your target audiences language. With Sponsored Content ads you need to select a call-to-action option:

Learn more about LinkedIn lead generation forms here (tip number three).

Step 3: Create your ad

Campaign Manager walks you through the process of creating the various ads, providing ad specs and tips along the way. For example, here’re the options for creating a Text Ad.

Step 4: Target your ad

Next, you get a range of selections for targeting your ad to the right people, including location, company names, job functions, skills, school names, and other filters. You could save your choices as a template to speed things up when creating other campaigns.

Step 5: Choose your budget & schedule

You could choose from cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM), or cost per send for Sponsored InMail ads. For CPC and CPM, you can set a daily spend limit and a bid price, which is the most you want to pay per click/impression. You can also choose a start & finish date for your campaign.

At this stage, you could also add conversion tracking (Sponsored Content and Text Ads only). It lets you track specific actions so you could better measure, and then improve, ROI. These include sign-ups, downloads, installs, and purchases.

Step 6: Measure & refine your LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads Campaign Manager gives you access to a range of metrics to help you measure and optimize your plans. These include impressions, clicks, and spend. LinkedIn lets you measure “social actions,” which capture how LinkedIn members interact with the content.

How to advertise on LinkedIn with other types of ads

To advertise on LinkedIn using the other selections, follow the links from those pages to get started:


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