WP Profit Builder 2.0 Review and Bonus

Product: WP Profit Builder 2.0
Type: WordPress Plugin (+ Theme)
Price: $47.00-$67.67
Creators: Sean Donahoe

More Details: http://www.socialleadfreak.com/convertri-review/

Summary Awesome plugin to create high-converting and proven marketing pages. With the new Funnel Builder, Split Testing, WooCommerce integration, and SmartCart features, you can now go one step further and build complete funnels and/or (commercial) websites.

It includes 130+ high-convering and recognized templates which you can use and edit using the simple drag and drop editor. No programming or technician skills required.

Create high-converting and recognized advertising and marketing pages With Drag and Drop Ease

What is WP Profit Builder 2.0 ?

WP Gain Builder 2.0 is the newest completely revived version of the prior released quite powerful Page Builder (in September 2014). The first version was offered to 10,000+ customers and also used on 150,000 websites!

Gain Builder 2.0 a WordPress plugin (with optional added WP motif) to readily create any sort of page you need.

Any webpage? What type of pages?

Only some Examples:

You canbuild your own page 9and funnel) from scratch or use one of the 130+ proven high converting templates.

You can use no worries your theme struggles with WP Profit Builder. Because the WP Gain Builder page template only overrules the simple motif preferences.

But if you Desire, you could even use WP Profit Builders own motif (for no additional fees).

WP Profit Builder’s slogan: “If you can dream it, you can build it”

The primary Purpose for using Profit Builder would be to create some other stand-alone advertising page, complete marketing/sales funnel, complete site, or eCommerce Website you desire.

What is new in version 2.0?

Besides the 60+ extra new high-converting templatesWooCommerce Integrationimproved User Interface, and faster page loads, there are 4 major improvements:

  • Funnel Builder + Analytics. Now you can setup complete funnels inside Profit Builder.
  • A/B Split Testing. Now you can easily split test pages and automatically select winning campaigns.
  • Smart Checkout Cart with Order Bumps. Easily add order/checkout boxes (works with PayPal, Stripe, and others).
  • New Revisions System. Easily jump back to any previous or autosaved version of a page.

Main features of WP Profit Builder:

Gain Builder 2.0 includes a very Simple To use drag and drop live editor featuring all necessary componentsyou’ll be able to consider (see picture above). It is so easy to use that anybody, that will use a mouse, can construct amazing pages (and funnels) regardless of artistic skill or programming knowledge.

See the Demo video under where Sean Donahoe reveals the newest features:

However, what about those other trendy features?

  • 130+ Templates for many sort of advertising pages.
  • Integration with major Email Marketing Services, Webinar Services, Payment Processors, Membership Systems, CRMS, ECommerce (WooCommerce) and more…
  • Built-in scarcity features (evergreen countdown timer).
  • Extra pages settings (Exit Redirect, Show/Hide Header/Footer, etc.)
  • Select your own page history (picture, video or some other colour).
  • Easily upload any movie (YouTube, Vimeo) or your personal hosted with controller features.
  • Great graphics. Even animated buttons are readily available.
  • Export your Pages into HTML.
  • Mobile and Tablet optimized using a preview option.
  • Get immediate insight into your webpage, funnel and company performance. Track visitor behaviour, raise your conversion rates and readily improve the overall effort performance.

Are there any shortcomings?

Well not really. You are able to create any type of webpage (funnel or site) you need, just how you like it and with no technical or graphic expertise.

I discovered some Minor problems:

Inside your Text blocks, you may use the WYSIWYG editor, but occasionally your preferences are overruled (f.e. that the hypertext colour) from the principal settings. I discovered that if you will use plain HTML code rather, then it will appear correctly (this small shortcoming only applies to text blocks -so no big thing!)

Another Point to mention is the Profit Builder is sort of an overlay over your regular WordPress pages. So you need to save your webpage within the WP Gain Builder editor and once more for your WP page. Somewhat annoying, but if you get used to it, then you understand to hit save two times (and also to confirm that you need to leave the page in between).

The user Port (drag & drop editor with all the components) is so cool and has quite a professional interface.

Why should you buy WP Profit Builder 2.0?

WP Gain Builder 2.0 is a wonderful plugin to create all of your advertising and marketing pages. It includes high-converting and recognized templates which you can use and edit yourself using only a couple of clicks.

Together with the new Funnel Builder, Split Testing, WooCommerce integration, along with SmartCart features, now you can go 1 step farther and construct complete funnels or (industrial) websites.You won’t need expensive services with monthly payments anymore such as LeadFunnels (Landing Page Builder), Checkout Cart Services, Shopify, and others.

I am using Gain Builder for years. For instance, my bargain website GeorgesDeals.com was assembled with Gain Builder.

So, for me personally a must-have plugin. Especially if you Take into Consideration that the “one-time” non…


For a limited period, you can Find the Fundamental Bundle (3 Private Websites) for $47.00 or Find the Standard Bundle (10 Private Websites) for $67.00.

Or select for your Professional Bundle for only $67.67 (regular cost $497.00). This is most certainly the best choice, where you are able to use it on 50 Websites (you have and operate) and find the additional Funnel Builder, SmartCart, and Split Testing features.

All licenses Give whole membership for a one-time fee.

And you willget 12 months Support & Updates.

The deal Includes a 60 day no questions money-back guarantee period.

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